17/18/19 September 2021


  • Palazzo Forni, piazzale F. Torti 4 e 4/a
  • Major Tom, Cortile del Banano, via Francesco Selmi, 67
  • Atelier Mies, piazzetta dei Servi 44/a
  • Kinder Garden, parco Novi Sad.
  • Spazio Sociale Anarchico Libera di Modena. Via del Tirassegno 7


  • Bar Schiavoni via Albinelli 13.
  • Fusi Orari piazzale F.Torti.
  • Major Tom via F. Selmi 67.
  • Ristorante Carducci, via Canalino 73.
  • Athenaeum pub bar, via Canalino 81.
  • Spazio Sociale Anarchico Libera di Modena. Via del Tirassegno 7.


Stefano Rimini

Liberi e diseguali / Liberi e ignoranti.
Data and reflections on the inter-generational transmission of inequalities.
Sound interludes by Claudio Luppi, aka “Pip Carter”

From 10.30 to 11.30. Major Tom, via Selmi, 67.
Welfare policy advisor for Unicef and the European Parliament, European Climate Pact Ambassador for the European Commission.
Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella

Circulart II – Art interwoven with the supply chain

From 12 to 13. Major Tom, via Selmi, 67.

Followed by social lunch with the speakers.

The second edition of Circulart kicks off, the project that puts companies in contact with the textile sector, artists and fashion designers to generate new forms of language able to inspire change.
A project organised and produced by Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation.
FuorisophÌa 2021 national preview.
Marco Nardini’s Atelier Mies


From 17 to 20. Piazzetta dei Servi, 44/a.
Simone Fazio, Simone Venturi / painting
Marcello Pipitone / fashion designer, il mantello anomalo (the cloak anomalous)
Alan Zinchi and Laura Morselli / new design.
SPECIAL GUEST: Pietro Saporito, “Per un’opera sola ti vorrei” (I’d want you, for one single work). It’s time for a tapestry.
Dario De Santis

“Scienza e Storia formano la vita” (Science and History generate life)

From 18 ato 19. Major Tom, via Selmi, 67.

Followed by social aperitif with the speakers. Book your table.

Science historian at the Department of Human Studies and Cultural Heritage (DIUM) of the University of Udine and collaborator with the Aspi (Archivio storico della psicologia italiana – Historic Italian psychology archives) inter-departmental research centre of the University of Milan–Bicocca.

Followed by:
Projection of the docufilm “L’esordio dell’innocenza” (The onset of innocence) contaminations
by FARGAS, produced by Fargas and Gadoev, duration 23′

From 19,30 to 20
With: Luca Spaggiari, Luca Perciballi, Alberto Urbelli, Francesco Zaccanti, Dario De Santis, Dario Casillo
“L’esordio dell’innocenza”, a video documentary on rebirth, self-knowledge and allowing yourself to be “contaminated”. The tracks have names of cities and localities where the band would have liked to have been during the lockdown.
Simone Ghiaroni

Presentation of the book, “Il disegno selvaggio” (Wild design).
Romanzo di una linea (A one-line novel), published by Meltemi 2020.

From 18 to 19. Kinder Garden, parco Novi Sad.
PhD in Anthropology at the Institute of human sciences (Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa), post-doctorate at the Collège de France, he’s concerned with creativity, learning and the anthropology of Images.
Marco Dallari

Presentation of the book “La zattera della bellezza” (The raft of beauty) ed. Il Margine, 2021.

From 19 to 20. Kinder Garden, parco Novi Sad.
The beauty that can save us from the shipwreck of the present is not a convention or an abstract ideal: it is the living experience of harmony between us and reality…

Followed by a concert with:
Luca Perciballi

From 20 to 20,30

Marco Baccarini « Zio Bac » presents: songs from the new album.

From 20,40 to 21,20

Tiziano Bianchi

From 21,30 to 22
Dying Today: nature has chosen its colours for fashion.

Curated by Valentina Ferrarini

From 10 to 12 and from 17 alle to 19. Palazzo Forni, piazzale F. Torti, 4 e 4/a
Present: Valentina Ferrarini, plant biotechnologist in the G2B laboratory (MN) in collaboration with Tintoria Emiliana of Modena.
The public will be able to see, touch and understand the world of natural dying and its significance and applications.
Mario Nocelli

Dostoevsky said “Nothing has ever been more insupportable for a man and a human society than freedom”.
General manager in the fashion sector.
Sound intervals by Matteo Colombini, the guitar that creates images.

From 10,30 to 11,30. Spazio Major Tom, via Selmi, 67.
“What remains of the fire” (original title, Embers) the epic novel by Sàndor Màrai is the story of those who aim to use their freedom to learn a secret about love…
“IL SISTEMA MODA QUANTO È ECOSOSTENIBILE OGGI?” (To what extent is the fashion system eco-sustainable?)

Organised by Centro Qualità Tessile, Carpi (Mo).
Conversation open to the public between Emilio Bonfilioli, director / founder of CQT and Mario Nocelli, C.E.O. and expert of the fashion system.

From 12 to 13. Spazio Major, Tom via F. Selmi, 67.

Followed by social lunch with the authors. Book your table.

Marianna Miozzo

“Brevi luoghi mai accaduti.” (Brief places that never occurred)

At 12. Palazzo Forni, piazzale F.Torti, 4.
“Brevi Luoghi Mai Accaduti” can be defined as a format that the artist, inspired by her choreographic research into the relationship between body and place, applies to establish a bond between space and place.
Marianna’s poetry is characterised by a hybrid form of performance languages, a visceral approach to movement, strong physicality, marked irony and an innate theatricality.
Bar Schiavoni

Tribute to Sara and Chiara Fantoni.
Fabio Galliani and Gianluca Caselli, the Ocarina and Harmonic duo
“Ocarina lo strumento della libertà” (Ocarina: the instrument of freedom)

From 11,30 to 13. Via Albinelli, 13
Fabio Galliani
Director of the Ocarina Museum in Budrio Since 2003 and artistic director of various editions of the Budrio Ocarina Festival.
He’s also a member with Emiliano Bernagozzi of “Solisti del GOB” (Soloists of the GOB) (“Magical Ocarina” CD; concerts in Japan, South Korea, China – Shanghai Concert Hall 2017 -, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Germany).
​Gianluca Caselli
Harmonica player for over thirty years, with numerous participations in the most important international harmonica festivals, including: Asia Pacific Harmonica festival in Taiwan and Beijing, Parnu Harmonica festival in Estonia, National Harmonica League in Bristol.
Rodolfo Maggio

“Storie di valore: dalla criptovaluta alla moneta conchiglia” (Stories of value: from cryptocurrency to shell money).

From 16,30 to 18. Major Tom, via Selmi, 67.

Sound interludes by Gino Canesten. Poet and poignant songwriter.

Rodolfo Maggio: University of Turin, PhD in anthropology at the University of Manchester, he has carried out research at the university of Oxford. He studies the cultures of the Pacific area.

Marcello Pipitone, & Francesco Pipitone, from San Siro, Milan.
The work exhibited at the Mies Atelier wanders around the city centre, stopping at various places, accompanied and narrated by Francesco Pipitone.

From 18 to 19,30. Piazzetta dei Servi, 44/a
Surprise stop-offs in the city.
Francesco Marradi

… e se fosse tutto un gioco? (…and if everything was a just a game?)

From 18 to 19,30. Major Tom, via Selmi, 67

Sound interludes by Giancarlo Corcillo. The time accordion.

Followed by social lunch with the speakers. Book your table.

Gaming, intended as a media in its current digital form. Digital gaming is not just “diversion”, but is communication, narration, structures, data and algorithms, art, a real perceptual event of a virtual reality, applied neuroscience, economics, social environment, and a very present future.

Francesco Marradi is Deputy Program Director in the Eurofighter Programme Office, Italian MoD.
One of the leading experts in AI and technology in the military sector, today head of the Eurofighter aeronautical project (Orientation Innovation Technology).


Anarchico Libera Social centre
Self-financed dinner for Libera

From 21 to 22. Via del Tirassegno, 7.

Followed by a concert by:

Sir Soi
Presents the album, 3 GIORNI DOPO
Colorno (PR) 2001, the new radical star of Italian Rap.
Giulio Artoni (in art “Sir Soi”) is a hip-hop author of words and music in the most radical form, with his own recording studio (Ippocrampo studio).

From 22,30 to 24.
Giuseppe Sofo

“Practices of Diversity: Wandering Thoughts for a Creole World”

From 10,30 to 12. Major Tom, via Selmi, 67.

Sound interludes by FuorisophÌa

Researcher of French literature at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, an expert in translation and post-colonial literature, he has studied and taught at Paris (Sorbonne nouvelle), Avignone, and Dickinson College.

FUORISOPHÌA is the new independent satellite set up in conjunction with FDF, a repository of events to stimulate new views and contents, made up of meetings, conversations, visions and sensations, always with a view to giving voice where it’s lacking.

Curated by Marco Mango with the collaboration of Simone Ghiaroni and Luca Spaggiari

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M.M. conception and cultural logistical support
S.G. scientific coordination
L.S. sound development